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Monica Schaal

Schaal Health & Wellness Center


68-1962 Puu Nui Street
Waikoloa, Hawaii, 96738, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 808-238-0585
Alt. Phone: 913-486-7286
Monica is a native of Missouri, and now practices with her husband, Paul, at the Schaal Health & Wellness Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. She was in the banking business for 9 years as a retail officer. She followed this pursuit with a profession in residential interior design for 12 years. Having strong spiritual and healing gifts, Monica pursued and received her certification as a Somato Respiratory Integration wellness educator in 2000, and continues this work. She has added certification in Aura-Soma color healing therapy and is an advanced Aura-Soma practitioner. Monica currently uses her practitioner's certification in Quantum-Touch in conjunction with her other healing modalities. She feels that the addition of Quantum-Touch has accelerated the effects and results of each and every healing technique she offers at Schaal Health & Wellness Center. She can be reached at: 808-238-0585, or cell at 913-486-7286