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Susan Wolding

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Faith Healer, Reiki Master, Medicine Woman


Sacred Hands on Healing of Pasco/Hernando County

Bayonet Point
Florida, 34667
United States

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[email protected]



   Quantum Touch Practitioner, Faith Healer, Intuitive, Native American Medicine Woman, using all Modalities to get results working with Archangels and Ascended Masters, Ordained Minister and is active in the Awakening Movement.

    Susan was raised in California where she was blessed with Faith Healing at the age of 32, She witnessed, by her hands, the restoration of vision, complete healing of wounds, broken bones and much more. She studied with the Kahunas of Hawaii learning the Huna way, calling Dolphins from the ocean, connecting with Spirit and more.  Her fascination with Herbal Medicine and the Native American Way lead her to study and become a Medicine Woman for the Nemenhah Band. Allowing her to perform hands on healings, blessings and help others practice the ritual of starting each day with Creator of all that is. Quantum Touch was something she had heard about and after learning it, she found that it could actually change the melicular structure of cells in the body, causing healing.  The outcome of Miracles began happening right away using the Quantum Touch Method, she then took the steps to become a  Certified Practitioner. Since then she has added EFT Tapping, The Emotion Code, Body Code, Compassion Code, Healing Number Codes, NLP, Sound Therapy and Theta Healing to her practice.  She has found that trapped emotions are the root cause to all illness, physical, Spiritual or emotional, and has learned how to release and heal them.  Bringing Miracles to the majority of her clients,as a vessel of God.

    Her main goal in life is to teach others to heal using Quantum Touch and other Methods, and help others gain the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection. Our Oneness.

    She is practicing her Healing in Pasco County of Florida. Susan is a Healer at the Unity Truth Center of Port Richey, Fl. She will make Hospital visits for sessions or accomidate to the best of her ability. In home requests are accepted. She is also doing QT on Animals, Blessing Homes and Businesses using QT and other Modalities.