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Nathalie Fréchette

Practitioner - Instructor


Nathalie Marie Frechette

Ontario, L4N 1R9

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[email protected]


Quantum-Touch Practitioner® Quantum Touch Instuctor®

Reconnective Healing
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  Hello and welcome,   I was first introduced to energy healing 25 years ago and from that very first moment, my curiosity took me on this extraordinary healing journey. 

I was blessed to experience a life-changing spontaneous Kundalini awakening back in 2000, which eventually led me to become certified in many energy healing modalities.
  Life was good up to a few years back, when my health took an unexpected turn for the worse. I suffered a severe back injury that left me in constant pain. I endured many painful years and was fed up with conventional medicine as they had nothing to offer me.  Just when I thought there was nothing left for me to try, I discovered Quantum Touch.

Quantum touch literally changed my life within it’s first application. It is so simple and yet so powerful!  No matter what your difficulties are, Quantum Touch will address every aspect of your being, be it on the physical or emotional level... all you need, is to trust the process.

Perhaps you’re experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, or chronic pain. Maybe you have physical symptoms that your doctor can’t explain or the medicine you’re taking isn’t completely fixing the problem… I can honestly say that I’ve been there and that Quantum Touch gave me my life back in more ways than I can count. 

What is most beautiful about Quantum Touch is its simplicity! Anyone can learn this modality regardless of your background. This is the most  powerful tool you can hone against pain and emotional issues, and what is even better, the results are immediate.  

I would love to work with you and show you how to tap into this incredible healing power that resides inside of you …working with Quantum Touch, is working with pure unconditional love and from that sacred loving space, this is where miracles can happen.

I would like to remind you to “Never Give Up” on yourself, and not to let your present circumstances dictate your future. Explore new options, open your heart to new possibilities and always stay in a state of gratitude…because eventually, a brighter future will present itself when you least expect it. 

I am available by appointment locally for private sessions as well as for remote sessions worldwide.  If you are interested in hosting a Level 1 Quantum-Touch workshop in your area, please contact me at [email protected] call 705-792-8788

With Love and Appreciation,   Nathalie Frechette






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