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Vicki E. Smith


Grand Junction
United States

Contact Information


(970) 260-4641


[email protected]

Vicki Smith is a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner in Grand Junction, Colorado. Vicki has had amazing results with clients as a practitioner and recognizes the tremendous value and importance of people working energetically with themselves, as well as others, to promote their own personal health. Vicki finds that people often come to her as a last resort and loves to assist in promoting wonderful healing results with this amazing modality.

She has been working energetically with others for many years, assisting them in promoting their own healing, and guiding them along their spiritual path. Because of her strong energetic connection with the Universe, Vicki has developed the ability to connect with loved ones and others on the other side to provide powerful insights and validation for you, and help bring clarity into your life, providing you with the opportunity to make positive changes. Vicki welcomes the opportunity to be your guide into the mysteries of the soul to help you receive answers, and guidance from spirit and energy assisting your body’s energetic pathways to bring more balance and harmony into all levels of your being.

Vicki can be contacted at (970) 260-4641 or e-mail her at [email protected]. Check out her website at: http://vickismithmedium.com/
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