Quantum-Touch and Moebius Syndrome

Recently I attended and presented Quantum-Touch at the International Moebius Syndrome Conference in New Jersey. Just a little about moebius syndrome. Moebius syndrome is primarily characterized as a facial anomaly in that no one really knows what the root cause is of moebius syndrome. What has been considered to be the common factors is that the 6th and 7th cranial nerves do not develop or may partially develop. This is present at birth. This causes a paralysis of the face and these individuals do not have the ability to smile and their faces are stiff.

Many of these individuals also are afflicted with other developmental anomalies.I am most familiar with this syndrome because my daughter was born with moebius syndrome and also diagnosed with autism. She is now 14 years of age and she amazes me. The testimony I will share is from an individual of 50 yrs of age. I do believe that this is all about Spirit and shows us that Spirit is most definitely in control. The session only lasted 15 minutes because she was beginning to feel uncomfortable so we stopped...this was amazing to see...

Testimony from Linda age 50...I learned about QT at the Moebius Syndrome Conference in New Jersey in July of 2008. Moebius Syndrome is a very rare disorder characterized by lifetime facial paralysis. People with Moebius Syndrome do not have the natural ability to smile or frown. I was very intrigued by Mary’s session on QT, but also a little skeptical. My mother, who attended with me, was even more skeptical than I. Later that day, my Mom and I, had an opportunity to speak privately with Mary about a facial issue I was experiencing. Thus began my true belief in Quantum-Touch. Mary placed her hands gently on my face. We felt the healing warmth between us. The healing energy was amazing! I glanced over at my doubting mom and saw tears of happiness and belief on her face. She and Mary SAW some movement in my face. After our Quantum-Touch session there was definitely more fullness to my face. Also, my smile, which hadn’t been symmetrical before was now more even. I am thrilled with the immediate result. To this day, I know some healing occurred through QT, my belief and openness and Mary’s healing hands. I strongly believe that if you are open to the healing your body can do, it will happen.

One thing that was not mentioned is that her lips were fuller than before. This is important because moebius individuals do not have lip movement. Much speech therapy is involved.

Mary Rives, Quantum Touch Instructor/Practitioner
Houston Texas

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