Healing a Frozen Shoulder

A client came to me in excruciating pain. Unable to move her arm or shoulder. It was completely, quite severely frozen. It would not budge. She had researched frozen shoulder on the internet and consulted with medical advisors only to discover that the medical approach sometimes used great force to try to free the shoulder, even to the point of actually breaking the upper arm.

She was shocked to learn that it is generally quite an ordeal to free a frozen shoulder, often taking 18 months to 2 years to regain use of the shoulder joint. During the first 6 months people often experience continual and substantial pain, much like the pain she was now experiencing. She was distraught at the prospect of months of pain and immobility.

She had looked into physical therapy, too. Physical therapist also use forceful techniques which are usually painful, though not as harsh as the medical attempts. The prognosis for healing is again a long ordeal to reduce the pain and eventually free the shoulder, often taking many months.

I used Quantum-Touch on her for an hour. In that time the pain disappeared completely and did not return. She quickly regained better than 50% mobility. We still continue to work occasionally to increase mobility, but she is without any pain, no longer concerned, has adequate mobility, and so is taking her time to complete the healing. She is overjoyed with her progress.

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