Hip Alignment & Kid Nose Bleed Healed in Singapore

We recently returned from a successful workshop in Singapore. This was a post from one of the students in the workshop and had put their own yahoo groups together.

Had a couple of QT experiences that I want to share after our wkshop.

1. My wife checked my hips on Monday night, and she says they seem quite level ;-). Thank you very much to all those who offered their healing energies in one way or another.

2. My daughter (9yo) tended to bleed heavily in her nose due to sensitive and small blood capillaries. There was a couple of weeks last month when she bled almost every day and we had to put an ice compress and have lots of tissue on hand. Even the slightest sneeze would trigger it. At one stage, I was even considering visiting a doctor to cauterize the blood vessels! Well, out of desperation, I taught her the Pointer finger technique (as taught in the QT book which I bought online before attending the wkshp), and told her to run energy into her nose after a bad bout of continuous bleeding. She did it before going to sleep and guess what, her nose stopped bleeding just like that. Amazing!!! To this day, her nose seems to have healed completely.

If you have any kids, teach them QT as soon as they are old enough to understand!

Anyway, I hope we can all keep in touch with one another because:-

1. We are the 'FIRST' batch of QT practitioners in Singapore.....

"Clap, clap, clap" (Singapore always like to be first in anything ;-))

2. My personal experience using QT (or any form of energy) is such that SELF-healing is not as fast or as rapid as GROUP healing. (Its like a surgeon trying to operate on himself, it is just much harder, right?)

3. For fellowship, friendship & sharing their experiences or new insights in using QT. (e.g. Alan using QT to clear the highway of traffic ;-)...anybody tried that on our clogged expressways yet?)

So I hope we could schedule to meet once in awhile (say once a month) to interact & practice QT. I hope to see all of you soon!

Remember to keep the energy running (and don't forget to breathe ;-))


p.s. fyi, I am into healing/learning QT not as a profession, more as a hobby to distract me from the hectic stressful corporate world....

We are travelling the world teaching Quantum Touch as a Pay It Forward for our own healing. We are all connected to one another, and if you help heal one, you heal a part of the Universe. Thank you Lord.

Next workshop will be in London and Dublin, Ireland. If you know of anyone that would like to learn this great healing modality, let them know about it.

Blessings to all,

Gina & Alan Rockefeller
Quantum Touch Instructors

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