Healing broken bones

A friend fell across a low stone wall. She thought she had broken her back, as she couldn't move. Her boy-friend took her to the doc., who said she had bruised her ribs badly and he put her off work for 6 weeks. She had to sleep in a chair and every breath was painful.

I told her'"The less time between injury and healing, the better the healing! I'm on my way!"

It was the worst bruise I had ever seen. All black-putple from her belly button to her spine and as wide as my hand!

I did Polarity, above and below it, for about 20 mins., then a technique of my own, to free her attention, "Point to where it happened. Point to where you are now!" After a few mins. she gave a silly laugh and refused to do more. I knew she had let go of the the negative energy in the memory!

She crawled into bed and arranged her clothes on the bed but next morning, one had slipped on the floor. She bent down. very carefully. "What no pain?" She raised her night-dress, "No bruise, either!"

She phoned to thank me and to say she was going back to work after a couple of days rest!

I said, "Go to your doctor and slap your ribs and say, "Not much the matter with me, Doc.!"

I wondered if he would say it was a "misdiagnosis" or "a spontaneous healing." (Impossible)

Huggie, Witchey-doctor and Storyteller.

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