An Affirming Experience With QT

I've been working for a few weeks with people diagnosed with HIV-AIDS. Last weekend I had a 2nd session with someone whose immune system I had targeted the first time. In doing so, I had spent some time on the occipital ridge and sutures, as well as front-to-back, to access the pineal and pituitary glands. He told me" the strangest thing" had happened during the week. For the first time in years, he was able to breathe thru his nose while lying on his back. As it turned out, he'd broken his nose, not once but several times (no, I didn't ask), so the cartilage was pretty messed up. When he told me this, I worked specifically on his nose, to see if more could be achieved.

Then he informed me that, 2 yrs. ago, he was hit by a car, was in a coma for a month, and had suffered multiple head injuries. He'd also broken both legs, one suffering a spiral fracture. He had a mass of cartilage on the side of his shin on that leg, so I worked on that too. He also told me that, in the intervening week, he'd had much more movement in his toes than he'd had since the accident (even though I hadn't worked on this part of his body the first time).

During both sessions, he provided a running account of where he was feeling the energy, sometimes laughing out loud at the effects. It's as if his body is just having a great time absorbing it all. And I'm so impressed at the body's intelligence in sending the energy exactly where it needs to go!

Over the past week, the cartilage in his leg steadily shrank; there's still a lump, but much smaller. The toes have also continued to improve. He told me that before the sessions he couldn't walk up or down stairs without a shoe on that foot, because the pain was so bad. He no longer needs shoes. He said the ability to breathe thru his nose has continued to improve too.

I think much of our success is due to his openness (he'd never had any kind of energy work before) as well as a great sensitivity to energy. By the time we finished yesterday, we were both "buzzing" and felt totally high.


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