A Tailor-Made Healing

Every Monday night for 2-3 hours, I do volunteer work at our food co-op offering free, 15-20 minute "demo" QT sessions to shoppers and staff. I'll spend 15 minutes on those who "don't have any problems", and 20 minutes with those who do. I not only get to introduce new people to this incredible technique, I get 15% off my food purchases the following month.

Two weeks ago a woman came to me with upper back/neck pain, plus chronic left forearm pain that she's had for years. After balancing her pelvis and occ. ridge, and working on her cervical spine and upper back, I focused on her forearm for the last 5 minutes.

After the session, she stated that, while working on her forearm, an incident surfaced in her mind that she recognized as the probable source of that pain. This incident occurred several years ago. She thought she had already let it go and had forgotten about it. She not only felt less pain, she was happy to have that unpleasant emotion surface.

She lives at least 40 miles away, so I was surprised (and humbled) to see her waiting for me the following Monday. She told me that she made the trip specifically to receive another QT session. I worked on the same areas as the previous week for 20 minutes. Her feedback was that she was amazed! She said the healing on her forearm "picked up EXACTLY where it had left off last week." This time, with eyes closed, she clearly saw the person who caused the injury. Then she described looking into the open end of an hour glass, laid out horizontally at eye level. She saw the person slowly walk away from her, towards the narrow opening in the middle. Then, after disappearing through the center, the hole was sealed with red paint. She interpreted this as a sign that the incident was now in her past, and that she could totally release all memories of it. Her forearm pain was gone.

I love Quantum-Touch. I didn't have to ask her anything about the person or the incident. I didn't have to make her share her story with me, or drag her through the emotional trauma associated with her pain. Nor did she have to re-live any of those unpleasant moments.

Without shedding a tear, her body's own intelligence KNEW what needed to be done to release that pain. It was tailor-made for HER understanding. No history taken, no objective observations, no analyzing what MIGHT be causing her pain, and no plan other than offer the Universal Life Force Energy with love to her forearm.

Every day, I thank all the powers of the universe for allowing me to work with them and watch their magic unfold.

With gratitude,


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