For some reason this week, my whole family has been burned at least once. I put my hand on a hot cigarette as I was getting up off of a box that I was sitting on outside. OOOUUUCH! It hurt! I immediately started running energy into it and it began to burn even worse. It then got better after about 15 minutes, and never blistered.

I told my kids what I had done. Coincidentally, one by one, they each got burned. My 11yr old was baking cookies, and burned herself on the oven rack (YOW!). She ran it under cold water and then used QT on herself until “ walla” - no burn.

My little one who is 8yrs old went to a yard party with the oldest. They were shooting fireworks, so to be safe they put the youngsters up against the house and out of harms way. Yet, guess which way the fireworks went??? They shot right at them- not once but several times. She came home with 2 large burns on her shoulder and back. The shoulder had already busted open when I got to her. But I ran QT anyway. The one on her shoulder is almost healed and the one on her back never did get a blister, just a red spot.

Then, the Big Guy decided he had to keep up with the rest of us, while working on the pick-up. While lying under it, the trouble light fell on his bicep. He did not say anything to me about what happened, only the usual noise you expect to hear coming from under an auto when guys work on them.

He waited to say he had been burned until late into the evening, when he came in for supper. He had a big, ugly, juicy blister about 4 inches long. I ran QT into it, and he said it hurt and told me to leave it be, because it was hurting more.

He ended up rubbing against something and it popped. I tried working on him some more but he couldn’ t handle it. When running QT, my hands get so hot that it was making it hurt more, (even though I have really deep healer’ s palms that don’ t touch the skin). I tried to lift my hands off of his skin, so it didn’ t touch at all. It still burned. So I resigned to distant healing. I did some distant healing on his blistered area throughout the whole evening. After he went to sleep I worked on it some more, and today, 3 days later, the skin is rosy pink instead of that raw burned look.

Woo-Hoo! QT does it again!

Linda Otten, Pine Bluffs, WyomingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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