Hands On Healing Reduces Arthritic Pain

I heard of the process of Quantum-Touch only about a year ago and for whatever reason it deeply resonated with me. I started researching it online then spoke with other energy metaphysics in the area.

I began to send hands on healing energy to my black lab that had a lump between her shoulder blades. Within about 6 weeks it was gone. My roommate witnessed it.

I have degenerative arthritis; no one can imagine the pain this causes unless you experience it. Its a progressive disease that increases with age and the DO NOTHING except drugs to mask the pain only makes it worse. From personal experience I can attest to that. Of course the medical professionals promote exercise and therapy. Thats about successful as the Yo-Yo dieting. Most of the people I know stay with it for a while until you have a flair-up and turn to the drugs again. Its like an alcoholic, just one and itll be OK.

I have started using hands on healing on some of the pain areas and have experienced remarkable relief. As a novice, I am still doing the Yo-Yo dieting with it. BUT¦I am finding it easier to run the energy faster and more efficiently. It now takes a few minutes to summon the clearing preparation rather than the 30 minutes it took only a few months ago. There is a song, witchy woman that has lyrics sparks fly from her finger tips . I can physically feel the SPARKS when I run the energy or am able to get into a deeper realm of meditation.

I have been a seer all my life. I experienced energies when I was a child and through my teens and college. I studied Physical Education with an emphasis in athletic training and sports medicine. I had certain athletes come to me specifically when I was working to have an ankle taped or ice or heat therapy. I can reflect now, that I felt the power of the energy transfer I had with certain individuals and not others.

When I was in my 40s my life began to spiral out of control in a toxic marriage. I absorbed all the negative energy, reacted defensively and became hurtful and hateful. I looked in the mirror one day and the devilish demon that was looking back scared me nearly to death. It was an epiphany unlike anything I have felt before. The wave of empowerment made me feel like I was a superhero.

It took several months but I was able to walk away, more like RUN¦. I could feel the energy shift increasing daily. I began again to say I CAN DO THIS . The fear subsided. I have always been a survivor; I knew I could do anything. With the renewed energy multiplying within, my strides became stronger and stronger. As a believer and spiritualist, I have to speak up and tell you what a difference Quantum-Touch has made in my life. I am learning to love myself again.

I look forward to developing a higher level of consciousness and along with others that you are spreading the word with, make the world a better place.

Thanks for all the information you are sharing.

JoAnne Evica
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Quantum-Touch Enthusiast

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