Hands On Healing to Alleviate Pain

Over the Labor Day holiday, I fell on a steep gravel driveway and hit on my left side. I'm only 60, so not elderly, but it really did shake me up. But mainly I had severe pain in my left arm pit. It felt like a tennis ball in there and with pain behind my left breast somewhere in there. My chiropractor said it was nerve pain, as my ribs were probably bruised with possible stress fractures. His examination also revealed pain at the sternum, but no knots in the arm pit--it just hurt there. He did not recommend x-rays because I could breathe without sharp pain and anyway it would be treated the same whether I had a fracture or not--rest and ice. He only did very light adjustments and told me to come back in a week.

Well, the pain continued under my arm and I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. It had been about 2 weeks since the fall. I couldn't do much, so I decided to catch up on my reading. I had marked an article about QT hands on healing, in one of my massage magazines. I read all about QT and decided I really wanted to take a class. Then I thought, why not go have a QT session for this pain and try it out? So I scheduled a session with Jean Shaw in Austin. It was awesome!

At the beginning, while standing, she used hands on healing to balance the back and front hip area, then each side. As she ran the energy I just start slowly moving and swaying back and around and she was only lightly touching me! I felt like I was literally unwinding. When she finished, I felt balanced and straighter/taller. My hips were more even and no longer torqued toward the front on the right side. (I've always had a shorter leg on the right side.) When she was working on my right side, I suddenly burst into tears! I don't know why, but she said it could be cellular memory of past trauma and to just breathe it out. It just as suddenly went away. I could then breathe deeply afterward. Something unlocked in the diaphragm and I can now take huge, deep breaths.

When she ran the energy into my neck, it did a similar rotating/unwinding thing and I could hear the vertebra adjust themselves, like when I go to the chiropractor. As she worked on my shoulder and left side of my chest while lying on the massage table I could feel the heat and energy. I was feeling somewhat better. She began to move down my body from head to feet. Sometimes I felt like there was a rush of electrical current running through different parts of my body. There was one time I felt like "someone" was sandwiching my left thigh. (I opened my eyes but she was down at my feet.) When she was down at my feet, I especially felt the energy rushing up and down my spine and into my hips--a strong tingling/vibration. It was so weird, but cool! But the neatest thing was when she was working down at my feet.  It felt like "someone" moved my left shoulder. My shoulder just moved up and back and I felt it pop into place and the pain in my armpit was instantly gone!

After the session, I felt at least 95% better. Still some slight soreness at the sternum and left back rib area. But I could breathe deeply without any difficulty. I no longer felt like there was a tennis ball knot in my armpit. I felt like standing tall and straight. (I have a tendency to slump from sitting at the computer.) I now felt compelled to square my shoulders and keep good posture. Anytime I began to slump, the pain in my armpit would start to come back to remind me to correct my posture. Over the next week, virtually all discomfort disappeared and I actually felt better than before my fall.

Since Jean's session, I have taken her Basic QT Workshop and plan to become a QT Practitioner. Quantum-Touch is so easy yet so powerful. I'm spreading the word. Thank you Richard Gordon, for making QT accessible to all.

Janet Harwell

Round Rock, TX

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