The picture was taken on June 5th, and the girl on the photograph is Jamila, 12 years old. She suffers from  lordosis and kyphosis, which means that she has an exaggerated curve in her lower back (swayback) while her upper spine shows a slouching posture (to compensate the arch in her lower back).

I did some QT on her pelvis, lower back, spine, shoulders and skullbones. After half an hour her back had visibly straightened out. She became very tired during this session, so we decided to continue the work next week; I hope (and trust) her back will straighten out even more.

On the picture (which contains two merged photographs) you can see Jamila at 11.30 a.m. (on the left side of the photograph) and at 12.00 (on the right side). I think the difference is significant and I am grateful to use QT.

By the way: the little dog you see on the picture was not being very obedient, but  became more confident and quiet during this healing, and I heard her behavior has improved since then o)

Best Regards,

Ed Nissink

The Netherlands

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