Alternative Healing: Barely Walking To Dancing Like A Child

When 25 year old Creative Stylist Joanna Gregory first came to see me she had no idea what to expect and had never heard of Quantum Touch or energy healing. No medical professionals were able to help with her debilitating pain.

Two months of using alternative healing and she has come leaps and bounds, deciding instantly that she wanted to learn Quantum Touch for herself. I loved having her incredible enthusiasm resulting from her personal experiences, in her Level 1 workshop and look forward to sharing Level II with Joanna! Here is her story in her own words:

The week leading up to the first time I met Karina or even heard properly of Quantum Touch, was undoubtedly the scariest and worst week of my life.

It began with an unusual amount of clicking in my left knee, which developed quickly into a terrible burning pain. It then became completely stiff and restricted in movement. Within 4 days, the symptoms had worsened and spread to the entirety of both legs, hands, fingers, wrists and arms.

I WAS BARELY ABLE TO WALK! So stiff, I couldn't bend my legs.. in a situation where I felt I was very close to needing a walking stick. I remember getting on the train, and restraining myself from crying the whole journey.. feeling something eating away at my legs, experiencing something truly awful happening. My legs so sensitive to touch that I feared every person walking past in case they accidentally knocked me. Every night when I barely slept, I wished so hard that I'd wake up the next morning back to normal and it was all just a bad dream. It didn't happen.

It was my mum who somehow stumbled across Quantum Touch and Karina - MY HERO! She convinced me to give it a try. I willingly agreed, even though I was unsure of what to expect, and a session was booked!


I'll put it very simply.. I was barely able to walk up the stairs on the way up to her flat.

After the 60 minute session... I WAS LITERALLY RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRS.. and as soon as I got home the music went on and I was dancing around like a child in a playground.

Karina is so lovely, welcoming and compassionate. Each session spent with Karina feels like one spent with a friend. She is so positive and reassuring, just talking to her feels like a healing in itself. During the session many sensations were experienced. Intense heat, tingling in each knee.. and then later in the session I experienced what seemed like a bone move or rotate in each knee.

Since that session I have also tried a long distance session with Karina, which is equally as powerful and completely astounding!

This time it was for my hands and wrists.. which had been burning intensely for about 4 days straight. I remember being in the cinema and unable to concentrate on the film as it was so uncomfortable. As soon as the session began, the sensations began.. and I knew without mention which hand she was working on. Within 3 days after the session, the burning had vanished, like it had never existed. Two months have gone by since that alternative healing session and it has not returned. So I urge you and the people who you love and care about, who may need some healing, to please at least try one session with Karina! There is a little skeptical side in some of us.. all I can say is to think with an open heart and open mind. There is such beauty and infinite possibility in this world.

Quantum touch is changing my life and the lives of those around me, each and every day!"

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