Alternative Healing Applied to a Wide Range of Conditions!

I took Quantum-Touch class with Richard Gordon and the Supercharging Quantum Touch with Alain Herriott in 2001. Right after that, I took Massage Therapy (certified now) and had my externship at one of the biggest hospitals here in the Bay Area. However, instead of Massage Therapy, I did Quantum-Touch on most of the patients.  They were so impressed.

I used alternative healing for stroke patients, Alzheimer patients, and even helped the Head Nurse who just came back from disability due to fractured bones.  She had fallen again when I was there so my supervisor had asked me to do Quantum-Touch.  In a few minutes, her pain disappeared and even her sprained leg didn't bother her anymore. The nurse was so relieved that she didn't have to go to Emergency again. I was given commendation for that.

My brother had a stroke soon after that so we have to travelled to Oregon and he was in coma for a while so when we arrived his face was so light - no color. He was paralyzed on the left side of his body & so I worked on his right side of his brain, in few minutes, color of his face came back & he regained control of the paralyzed side of his body in less than 30 minutes due to Quantum-Touch. There were so many amazing things happening in that hospital where I did my externship & they were all amazed. I'm interested to take the Quantum-Touch Level II class. Thanks Richard for that wonderful healing technique. I will forever use it.

Cynthia Saavedra
Quantum-Touch Enthusiast

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