Alternative Healing: Shoulder Bursitis, Tendonitis & Tennis Elbow

Anna broke her right collar bone many years ago. After she became a group fitness instructor she developed shoulder bursitis, biceps tendonitis and tennis elbow. She had been suffering with pain from these injuries for over a year. She had tried many kinds of therapies.

Anna wanted to try Quantum-Touch, after a few friends of hers had recommended my services to her. Before the start of the first alternative healing session she showed me the mobility in her arm and shoulder, which was rather limited. I used Quantum-Touch Level 2 techniques throughout the session.  After an hour she could stretch and bend her arm much better in most “though not all- directions. She was nearly free of pain. The mobility in her arm continued to improve for several days after the alternative healing session. She told all her friends: Hey, Im getting fixed!

She came in for a second alternative healing session. After an hour she was totally pain-free and could move her arm and shoulder perfectly in all directions, without any strain or pain. She couldnt believe it; she hadnt felt so good in years.



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