A wonderful story about Angel Shields (age 11). Angel came to the first class because she was not feeling well and her mother did not want to miss the class so she brought Angel with her. Angel looked flushed and very miserable as we began to run energy on her during our practice time. Angel's Mother was very surprised to find Angel up and ready for school the next day feeling and looking great. The story does not end here.

Angel " just happened" to also come to the third class in which Richard told the story of the airplane flight and the gentleman with the heart attack who received QT. Three days after this class, Angel had gone to visit her grandfather and during this visit he had a stroke. Angel's Mother said that he could not talk and was paralyzed on one side. Angel knew what to do and began running energy on her grandfather after the stroke. Angel's mother reported to our class with great surprise that he had just called and was talking very well and walking and it had just been four days after the stroke. Needless to say I think they have a very special Angel in the family. (:))

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