Alternative Healing Helps Migraine Headache and Abused Puppy

My very first alternative healing "clients" after completing my Quantum-Touch training were my good friend and her newly adopted shelter puppy, Charlie. Though it happened two years ago, it's still one of my favorite examples of the healing power of love.

Amanda York, Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Ithaca NY
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"When Amanda came to my home I had a miserable migraine headache that had lasted for days. She said she could help and explained Quantum-Touch techniques to me. I was skeptical, but l, but willing to try anything.  She gently placed her hands on my head, and in less than 30 minutes my headache was gone.

I was so surprised at the results I asked her if Quantum Touch worked on animals. I had just adopted an abused puppy who had been mistreated and was terrified of everyone and everything. He wouldn't let Amanda touch him, but she sat in the same room and did distance work . In a short time the puppy had crawled into her lap and rested his head on her knee. Minutes later, he began licking her hand.

I have no idea how Quantum Touch works but I know that it does and I know that Amanda has a gift for healing any living thing in physical or emotional pain.

Marjie and Little Charlie,
Sedona, AZ

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