Quantum-Touch Level II Calms Diabetic Symptoms

Quantum Touch Healing for Diabetic Symptoms

"It was around midnight. I was still throwing up even worse than earlier that day. My blood sugar was high. I was very dehydrated, since my kidneys had to work hard to get the sugar out of my system. Giving myself more insulin was not working. It seemed like my body was not responding to insulin. I had a strong urge to drink water to cure my dehydration, But as soon as I would drink anything, I would throw up again. My body was very weak and tired to the point that I crawled my way to the bathroom anytime I had to throw up. Worse than all, I had a very high heartbeat. It was so high that I could hear the fast heartbeat in my whole head, especially my ears, my neck and chest. I knew the powerful effects of alternative healing, but I was in no way of giving myself energy.

"I called Marlene Campbell, my Quantum Touch Instructor. I explained to her everything in the best way that I could and asked if she could give me some energy. Of course, she told me to get seen by a Doctor. She also said she would do QTL2 for me after we hung up. I did call my Chiropractor/holistic doctor who told me to take a few supplements to lower my blood sugar. And after I hung up the phone with Marlene, I felt being surrounded by light.

The next day I saw my doctor. When I got home, my vomiting had stopped. I felt as if I had a warm blanket on me. My blood sugar normalized and my heart beat came down as well. I felt that I could start eating and drinking without throwing up. Later that day, I got an email from Marlene. She wrote to me that she had done a QT session after my late night call, and again this next day. I had given others energy and they had told me that they felt better. But I had never felt the wonders that it does for me. First I would like to thank God for everything. Then, I would like to thank people like Marlene and others who have a job of helping others to heal and make this a better world.

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