Using Quantum-Touch for Arthritis

Quantum-Touch for Arthritis

I did a Basic Video Workshop, about a year ago, and immediately started using Quantum-Touch as part of my toolbox.  Two months ago, at my mother’s eightieth birthday party, I saw the most amazing recovery due to this work.

I was sitting next to a friend of my mother. I noticed that she was rubbing her hands and asked what was wrong. She showed me how crooked her hands were due to Arthritis. The one was like a claw and could not close into a fist at all, and the other was better but still could not close into a fist. She said that they are always very painful but that she has learnt to live with it.

I asked if I could just hold her hand, the worst one, a bit. Then started running energy into her hand and she immediately felt heat. The energy started vibrating and felt like it was taking on a life of its own! I just carried on breathing and focused on sending love and colors and toning and praying to Archangel Michael to help me. 

I soon realized that the whole room had become silent, that I had an audience. I just carried on with the process. After thirty minutes, I stopped and asked her to test the claw-hand. It could close into a fist completely! I then proceeded to do the other hand, and that one only took about fifteen minutes with great improvement. The pain was gone and everyone was gob-smacked. I saw her again a month later and the recovery has held.

These are the most amazing techniques in the whole world, for me. I am going to do the Quantum-Touch Level 2 course soon! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nicola Frahm

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