Alternative Healing With The Angels

Annelies is a 70-year old lady with severe scoliosis. I first met her in October last year, when she received alternative healing during a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop in Perth, Australia, with all 14 participants joining in. I was the instructor. Thereafter, I continued working with her through Skype. She has started to feel so much better and her back is visibly straightening out.

In May, this year, something interesting happened. Just before the start of an alternative healing session, I was thinking of the power of synergy and working together as a group. It occurred to me that I could imagine a group of people doing healing work together for Annelies. I visualized 15 people standing all around me. Straight away this group transformed into 15 angels. Together they seemed to take over the healing session.

Wherever I sent heart energy, they got involved. I heard them singing together. I saw them swirl around Annelies or lightly touch her. I saw a small group sitting down on her hipbone and balancing it as though it was a seesaw. They did work on Annelies's spine while standing in a circle. I saw one angel removing one of Annelies's vertebrae and giving it a bandage. It was a true celebration.

After 30 minutes, I asked Annelies how she was doing. First she said, "Very good," but then she always says, "Very good." She is not the kind to complain. However, this time she added, "Actually, I really feel fantastic! I'm feeling so straight. Can you see that as well?"

Johanna Van Reenen

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