Stroke Victim Regains Use of Hand

Volunteering with a stroke recovery group, I offered to take on one person to demonstrate the potential of Quantum-Touch to further advance recovery potential after stroke. My first volunteer was a woman in her 50’ s who had survived 3 strokes some 23 years ago. These strokes were all bleeders on the left side, so she had been affected on her right side. She had major surgery to stop the bleeding, and her skull had been opened using a flap.

She has recovered a lot of speech capability and though her foot is still a problem, she is able to walk, sort of pulling her leg along. Her right arm was bent at the elbow, would rise up spontaneously, and most notable, her right had was contracted into a tight fist with the thumb tucked in and protruding between the first and middle finger. The finger tips of the last three fingers were bent up from the pressure on her palm. She had been unable to open the hand since the last stroke, some 23 years prior.

She allowed me to take photos of our work, and gave permission to use them to show others what can be done. I should note at the beginning that this lady worked really hard during and between sessions to extend the movement we were able to gain, and this no doubt had a major impact on what we were able to accomplish. I also used what I had learned from the Supercharging videos, and highly recommend them to everyone. We also did a small amount of acupressure with the arm and leg.

Start of session One: Fist severely contracted for 23 years.

Our first session focused on trying to get a base reading on her capabilities and disabilities, so that we could measure progress. In hind sight, there are many more tests we could have done, however, the main focus was the hand and we worked on the shoulders, arm joints and finally the hand. As you can see in the pictures, the thumb and first finger began to move during the hand treatment, much to her surprise. As they loosened, she actually found she had a small amount of control of both. As the treatment progressed, the first finger almost completely straightened and the thumb came loose from the fist. It also extended somewhat. She also said she felt the little finger loosening, and when we were done the treatment, she was able to pull it up off her palm. She felt that she could actually begin to make a pinching motion with the thumb and first finger.

End of session One: Thumb and first finger opened

End of session Two: Able to pinch 


Session two began with her showing me how she could move the thumb and first finger voluntarily, and how much the little finger could move, with help. We did more work on the right arm and hand and got some small release in the middle two fingers, which were really tight to the palm and the tips bent up. I suggested she try and get a cloth or something into the palm to keep the fingers opened.

End of session Three: Able to get rolled cloth in fist.


Session three began with her showing me how she had wedged a rolled cloth into the palm and she was really excited to have this happen after all these years. The middle fingers were now off the palm. We did more work on the hand and also worked on the leg and foot.

End of session Four: Able to get small bottle into fist. Notice distance of fingers from palm. 


Session four, she had been able to insert a small bottle in the hand, and pictures show the middle fingers now about an inch or so off the palm. She also found she could voluntarily move the tips of those fingers. We continued hand and foot work.

Session five was most amazing as she wanted to show me that she had been able to hold a knife in the hand and use it to cut potatoes! She was now keeping an object in the hand to maintain it open, and the pinching action was being used in different ways. We also gained the ability to voluntarily pull her leg down from a sitting extended position. I had not known this was a problem, but she said she had always used her other leg to pull it down, and now could slowly do it.

She also commented that the spontaneous arm raises had diminished in frequency as we had been working together.

Her favorite expression as we progressed was “I love it!”

We also discovered that her emotions had a big impact on what she could and could not do on different days. She is a very upbeat woman, and this has also been a major factor in her progress. She is going on vacation for a month or so, and I will take on another person.

It is truly gratifying to be able to help others in this way, all due to the power of Quantum-Touch and those teachers who continue to extend it and pass their learning on through videos and workshops.

Ted Yells
Comox, British Columbia
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