Hands On Healing Helps Injured Back

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I would like to share a story about one of my employees who fell down a staircase last Sunday after running behind his son. He badly injured his back and was in a great deal of pain. Normally, these injuries take weeks to heal. The doctor told him strictly to stay in bed for at least one or two days.

He stayed in bed on Monday but came to my office on Tuesday. He was moving very slowly and I could tell that he was still in great pain. On a scale of 0-10, he rated himself a 6 while sitting still and an 8 while moving his body. 

I applied several rounds of EFT (25 minutes). He came down to 0 on sitting still, but he was still a 3-4 while moving. This was already a great success but then I could not bring him further down with EFT.

I invited a friend (that had taken Quantum-Touch Level 2 with me in Bali), to join me to do Quantum-Touch because we enjoy doing healing work together. We both know that collective energy works even faster. Together, we ran energy into my employee's pain areas. After 10 minutes, my employee was completely pain-free while sitting still and moving!

He was really astonished, looking at us with big eyes. Again and again, he tried to find his pain but it was gone! Maybe we should have applied Quantum-Touch, only. Anyway, this guy is happily working again.

I had already experienced many positive results with Quantum-Touch Level 1. This was our first experience with Quantum-Touch Level 2. It feels so good to help others heal!


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