Using Quantum-Touch on a Migraine

Quantum-Touch Level 2 has transformed my work as a massage therapist. It is now easier to work in two places at once. I can be massaging in one area and "looking" at another. Usually, I am working deeper into the body while holding a Myofascial Release stretch or a CranioSacral hold. My work is so much better! Thank You!

I was also able to successfully use Quantum-Touch energy healing techniques to help a client with a migraine on the way. Her vision was already starting to get blurry and fading. I did a CST head hold supporting the Occiput and "looked" at her Sphenoid/occiput, tentorium and eyes. 

This client reported lots of things moving and changes happening and after 10 minutes she was able to see clearly again. The next day no headache at all! She was very happy as it was her birthday!

Rick Hopton
Kensington, SA, Australia
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1 Instructor

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