Cardiologist Uses Quantum-Touch in Medical Emergency

As a Cardiologist, I was recently summoned to take care of a gentleman having a heart attack. While I was racing through the streets to the hospital, I started using techniques that I had learned in Quantum-Touch classes that I had taken with Carol Lee. I was focused on getting this man's artery to open up before I got to the hospital.

Once there, I asked the man questions about his pain level at its worst and at the present time. He stated it was an 8 at its worst and now was pretty much gone. I checked the heart monitor but did not see any indication that his artery was open, which would be a very good thing for him. We would find out for sure, however, when I completed his cardiac catheterization.

We transported him to the catheterization lab. Everything went smoothly, and I started to take pictures of the artery that was blocked. To my amazement, it was open! It did have a 95% blockage that I opened with a stent. We completed the procedure, and I talked to his wife to let her know that he was doing great.

Afterward, I was driving home thinking to myself that what just happened was pretty cool. I thanked God for helping me help the patient.

Three days later, I rushed to help another patient with the same medical emergency in the same situation using my Quantum-Touch techniques. His artery was open! You can draw your own conclusions. I have!

Joshua Jacobi, MD

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