A Cardiologist Discovers Quantum-Touch For His Medical Practice

I am an Interventional Cardiologist, the type of physician that provides stints and other procedures for people who have had heart attacks or other heart problems.  So, you might wonder, what is a Cardiologist doing learning Quantum-Touch and other energy medicine techniques? Actually, quite a lot.

My grandfather was a General Practitioner in Houston, Texas. I enjoyed being in his office, seeing the medical instruments and watching him interact with his patients in a kind and caring manner. This gave me the idea to become a physician. When I went to college, I got degrees in both Biology and Psychology because I was interested in how the mind works and how the body and mind influence each other.

During medical school at the University of Texas at San Antonio, I became fascinated with Internal Medicine.  This specialty was like being a detective, a Sherlock Holmes.  It required figuring out what was going on, thinking and analyzing the visible facts and not so visible facts. It was a process of seeing the whole forest instead of individual trees. I really, really enjoyed that.

Initially, I hadn't planned to become a Cardiologist, but it fit my personality of problem solving, yet getting quick results. For example, if you provide an open artery, the patient gets immediate relief. 

While doing my training in Cardiology, I became interested in exploring additional avenues of healing. I started training in energy medicine; however, I was busy establishing my practice and was not able to continue.

Now I have full responsibility for my medical practice, and no one is looking over my shoulder. Recently on Facebook, my energy medicine mentor mentioned chronic pain and Quantum-Touch. It only took a few minutes to google and as the saying goes, the rest is history. 

Now after two Level 1 workshops and one Level 2 workshop, I am applying the Quantum-Touch principles in my practice on a regular basis.

What I have learned is that with energy medicine there are different routes to healing, but none is superior to another. It is a way to get good results. The biggest take home for me is that Quantum-Touch really does work. When I am faced with an emergency, it doesn't take the place of what I do, but enhances my ability to take care of patients and that’s what I love!


Dr. Joshua Jacobi, MD

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