Thanks for asking me to share my story. I had a wonderful experience taking the Quantum-Touch® Basic Live Workshop. During the June 2007 workshop in Campbellsburg, Kentucky USA I had the opportunity to receive energy work from Julie E. Brent the instructor and 3 other participants.

In two 15-20 minute group sessions, my legs, which you'll notice in the pictures were markedly bowed, had significant structural changes. Not only were my legs affected positively, but an ankle that I broke 22 years ago has felt completely healed. I have had to favor the ankle since the break and be very careful not to sprain it often. I now feel structurally sound and don't even think about it.

The changes occurring in my physiology allowed for some emotional issues to come out and I was able to work through some things that were profound and life changing.

This work is powerful, effective and I am excited to be a part of bringing this knowledge to the world. What a beautiful gift to bring balance, love and health to others with the touch of our hands!!

Kristin Van Wey
Inner Wisdom
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