Pancreatic Cancer Patient Has Great Results With Quantum-Touch

Recently, a family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, essentially a death sentence. Without any treatment, he would be dead in 8-9 months. With chemotherapy, the life expectancy is 18 months. Only 20% of patients with pancreatic cancer can have a surgical resection called a Whipple, which is the category my family member found himself.

A Whipple is a grueling 4-6 hour operation that usually requires a 1 week stay in the intensive care unit, and 2-3 weeks additional hospitalization. Home care is often necessary when the patient is discharged, or the patient is admitted to an extended care facility. The average weight loss after a Whipple is 40 pounds. At six feet tall, M weighed in at 143 pounds when the diagnosis was finally made. This was not a great scenario. All this I explained to my family and immediately starting working on him daily with Quantum-Touch.

Obviously, M didn’t read the book on pancreatic cancer. He was transferred out of the intensive care unit in 1 day and was discharged from the hospital on post-op day 5 with no home health care needed. He had no side effects from his chemotherapy, drove himself to and from treatments with no assistance, and has somehow managed to gain 35 pounds. In all my decades of nursing, I have never seen a patient rebound so well from this procedure. This is nothing short of a miracle to me. 

I continue to practice Distance Quantum-Touch on him daily. Whatever his journey is in this incarnation, he will constantly be walking within healing energy.


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