Fibromyalgia & Quantum-Touch: A First Hand Account

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During my Quantum-Touch journey, I have experienced some truly amazing things both on a personal and interpersonal nature. I am a different and better person today because I am loving myself more and more and I have Richard Gordon to thank for that as well as every person I have encountered on my healing quest. 

A marvelous concept, Richard’s Self Created Health Workshop was one of the most eye-opening experiences I had the great honor of experiencing, besides of course the Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop.

To make a long story short, Quantum-Touch has touched my life profoundly. Because I had stopped loving myself some time ago, my body had been slowly shutting down. I had many conditions, dis-eases, illness and disorders. One of these issues was Fibromyalgia. A blanket term for a host of very unpleasant and debilitating symptoms, Fibromyalgia was ruling my life and had been for nearly 15 years. That is until I took a step into the unknown and signed up for the Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop. 

I had been working with my mom and neighbor from Richard’s book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal and it appeared to drastically reduce their pain and inflammation, even eliminating it sometimes and they also reported a general feeling of relaxation and joy. 

Applying Richard's concepts to others as well as myself without knowing what I was really doing, just wasn’t cutting it for me. I was reaping benefits but I wanted to really help other people and that meant that I needed to help myself. I needed to learn from a teacher and I wanted to be worked on as well.

I traveled to Peterborough, Ontario from North Bay, Ontario at the end of November in 2012. Since that time, I am ecstatic to report that the daily headaches and all too often migraines are gone, the sleepless nights are gone, the furnace in my knees, ankles, elbows, hips, fingers, toes shoulders, neck, elbows etc. is gone. The tenderness, stiffness and swelling that make it almost impossible to walk or be touched is gone. The tear-jerking pain and ever present discomfort are gone. 

Known for always saying that my hair hurt - my scalp was greatly affected due to the tightness that was always present - I cut my hair short (a number 2 on the shaver for the back). It hurt too much to brush, comb or even finger brush it. Cutting it didn’t really help since as it grew back I had to cut it every 3 weeks to keep it at a length that didn’t hurt! That is no longer an issue and I keep my hair short now because I like it, not because I have to.

These amazing things I am saying are true and it is all because I have been learning to raise my vibration. When I attended the workshop hosted by Jack Lyons, I received the boost that I needed to help raise my life force and wake my cells up so that they could do what they were supposed to, which is to vibrate at a nice healthy vibration.

I was what I called crooked and lopsided and my neck couldn't turn properly after a particularly bad Fibromyalgia attack that occurred 2 years before I met Jack. At the end of the first day of the workshop, after being worked on for only 35 minutes or so in total by students running energy on me, having my occipital ridge balanced (which was very skewed) and my hips balanced (not much out of balance) and my shoulders and collar bone balanced by Jack, I was almost completely straight. I could move my head up and down and from side to side and I could roll my shoulders and lift my arms above my head. 

Disbelief reared its head though, even when before and after pictures clearly showed the visual difference. That evening I returned to where I was staying and as I walked through the door to stand in the kitchen, my mom who along with my dad brought me to Peterborough exclaimed, “Holy cow! You are straight!” It must be real, I thought to myself and felt for the hump that I habitually massaged when I was anxious, at the base of my neck. It was almost not there!

Sleep which is crucial to our bodies is often nearly non-existent or in an unhealthy pattern for Fibromyalgia sufferers as they are prone to sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and insomnia often coupled with the inability to sleep due to the fiery pain that plagues them. Here a cycle begins. Pain and other symptoms are greatly increased by lack of proper rest and sleep is further decreased by the discomfort and on it goes. 

I slept soundly that night and was shocked when I woke up the next morning. I had a) apparently fallen asleep, b) not woken up one time through the night and c) was not in any pain or discomfort at all! In fact, I stretched and it felt great. Incidentally I had been dealing with Trigger Thumb in my right hand and was not able to make a fist, open a bottle or unbend my thumb when it stuck. It also really, really hurt. 

That morning I turned the tap for the shower, bracing myself for the weakness and pain and there was only a little discomfort, barely any to mention. It was still snapping but it didn’t hurt.

I realized then, that Quantum-Touch really is a profound way to ease pain, inflammation and discomfort quickly and that it has the added effect of relaxation, helping to melt away tension, loosening the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons; making room for the bones and the nerves to return to their natural positions without any physical manipulation. I understood then, that raising our vibration helps to promote rest and in turn promotes accelerated healing and the body likes this tremendously. At least my body does!

Depression is another factor that affects many with Fibromyalgia. Whether it comes on as a result of the syndrome or is already present, depression only serves to worsen the symptoms which in turn worsens the depression. Another cycle begins. By raising my vibration, I was able to see things from a different perspective helping me to make the changes that were necessary for my happiness and subsequently my health. The debilitating depression was lifted by several layers and I felt much happier and significantly less anxious and I looked forward to the day rather than dreading its arrival.

I learned that I can visit an energy medicine practitioner to facilitate my healing but it is ultimately up to me to maintain a higher rate of vibration than the one I previously sported. Adopting new, brighter, more positive thought patterns (especially those concerning perceptions about myself), activities, feelings and dreams are essential steps in maintaining this higher rate of vibration, this more loving and joyous way of being. 

A great big piece of the pie is learning how to forgive and to love and this starts with ourselves. It seems that fear, pain, grief, sadness, anger, guilt and worry if not allowed to be expressed, will express itself through the physical body in order to be heard. My experience with anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants, sleep, narcotic, stimulant and Anxiolytic medications are that they are only more ways to cover up and suppress what is trying to be expressed. Known as band-aids, they only cover the physical symptoms and do not address the root cause. 

I am happy to say that I have not ingested or applied any of the above-mentioned medications since November as I didn’t need them anymore and to be honest with myself, they didn’t even work, none of them did. All I had to do was love myself and listen to my body because it had been trying to tell me something for a very long time.

All of this happened in one day and it continued to happen and it continues to happen every day. I have not had a Fibromyalgia flare up since November of 2012. After attending the Self Created Health tele-seminar, hosted by Richard Gordon in March of 2013, even more amazing things happened and my personal awareness continues to grow. Now, when there is discomfort anywhere in my body, I know to ask myself what is going on in my life, to ask myself what it is I am suppressing. I apply Quantum-Touch to myself and express what needs expressing and move on with my life. Sometimes it is easier said than done but I have the tools and when I am ready to, I know how to use them.

My greatest wish is that those who are suffering with any debilitating and life limiting conditions see that there is hope for a brighter future, where they are using the whole palette of paint instead of just black and grey. This is what Quantum-Touch and Self Created Health has done for me. I will be forever grateful to the universe for sending us Bob Rassmusen complete with the amazing ability to do what is now called Quantum-Touch and Richard Gordon, a great facilitator who has been able to expand upon and find ways to share this remarkable ability with the world.

Love and Light,
Shanan King

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