A Quantum-Touch Delivery

I am very grateful to Carol Lee for teaching me Quantum-Touch. My wife and I had a baby boy named Jaxon and during the birth I used Quantum-Touch on my wife. She was being induced because her amniotic fluid was low. 

We were at the hospital when the doctor came in to check her at 8:00 PM. She was 4cm dilated, which was not much change from what it had been hours earlier. The doctor told her that we would likely deliver between 2:00 and 3:00 AM the next day. 

Jaxon was doing fine but with my wife's fluid level low and her labor not progressing, I was concerned that my she would end up with a C-section. I thought it might help to use Quantum-Touch to help the birthing process. I placed my hands on my wife's belly and began to run the energy of love into her belly and womb to the baby. I could feel a pulsating energy underneath my hands and a warmth. 

After about 30 to 45 minutes, my wife began to shake as if she had chills from a fever yet she had no temperature! We summoned her nurse who then checked her and said, "Well looks like your baby is coming!" The nurse quickly called the doctor and 15 minutes later the doctor was there and a few minutes after that Jaxson was born. Amazingly, my wife never had to push! Her uterus contracted perfectly to help Jaxon come out quickly. 

In reading about usual labor, typically a woman will dilate about a 1cm per hour. My wife dilated about 6cm in under 2 hours and our baby came out very quickly and healthy, I might add.

So thank you Carol  for teaching me Quantum-Touch. I am in Pasadena, CA and noticed that classes are offered here so I will plan to take some classes when I have the time as a refresher course.


Doctor Joshua Jacobi


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