Quantum-Touch in 10 Minutes!

Last week I was slated to attend a monthly meeting of the Toledo Area Health and Wellness Community. Just before leaving my office to drive to the meeting place, I received an urgent telephone call. The scheduled speaker was ill, and was unable to attend the meeting. Would I mind talking about Quantum-Touch? Would I? Absolutely. The time allotment was very limited. In only 10 minutes, I was to let people know what Quantum-Touch is, what it can do, and lead a few demonstrations with audience participants.

What a wonderful 10 minutes those were! My first demonstration was Level 1, and I adjusted the hips of a chiropractor who was astounded that, not only did her back feel better, but the tension she had been feeling on one thigh was immediately relieved. She later stated she'd been determined Quantum-Touch would NOT work, so had locked her hips into place...to no avail.

My second demonstration was using Level 2 on a doctor of natural medicine (ND), whose hips were aligned, but who had been seeing several professionals in an effort to relieve her lower back pain. Without touching her, in only approximately 30 seconds (while I was talking to the audience), her back issue resolved itself! She came to my office the next day to ask questions, and is now taking my Level 1 class.

My third participant was a physical therapist who had been receiving physical therapy for his restricted range of motion in his shoulder. I demonstrated my technique of stabilizing the joint and running energy while he did gentle range of motion. When I released his shoulder, he was astonished at the freedom of movement he immediately experienced!

I love this work. I love Quantum-Touch. Thank-you all so much for the opportunity to help others!

Ruth Franzen
Toledo, Ohio, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner


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