Experiencing The Beautiful Process Of Childbirth


My dear friends Brian and Nicole gave birth to Annabelle Rose on October 16th and I feel very honored that I was able to use Quantum-Touch at the birth and be a part of welcoming Annabelle into the world!

Around 8:30 A.M., Brian called me and wanted to see if I could come by and do some Quantum-Touch on his wife Nicole who was in labor and in a lot of pain. I came down to the hospital and had the honor of working on Nicole. I placed my hands on her belly, opened my heart, ran the energy, and sent her and her baby love.  

Within about half hour, her labor pains became much, much more manageable. The pain level went from an 8 to a 2! I felt a great sense of relief to see the pain subside and we were all amazed how quickly the pain level decreased... in labor!!  

Throughout the day, more friends and family arrived. In the late afternoon, we had five people working on Nicole - all doing energy work and sending her and baby Annabelle love! The combined synergy of everyone created a palatable feeling of love in the room. 

Annabelle arrived into the world around 8:00 PM and all of us were very touched to see a very healthy happy, and surprisingly alert baby. We were blessed that we could all play the role in energetically supporting Nicole!

I have been working with Brian Whetten since 2007 as my business coach, mentor, and consultant. His work with us has been invaluable. As energy healing is on the cutting edge of healthcare, I believe his work - Core Coaching and Selling by Giving are on the cutting edge of conscious business practices.

He has helped me do the inner work necessary to guide Quantum-Touch through a very challenging economic recession. I am very grateful for his support. Please check out www.sellingbygiving.net and www.corecoaching.org.

Much Love,

Jennifer Taylor
CEO, Quantum-Touch, Inc.

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