A Dream Come True

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I met Melody Huang at the sensory therapy center. We both are mothers of special needs children. We exchange education information, encourage and support each other often and have become good friends. She shared her daughter’s natural therapy experience with Quantum- Touch with me and I started to step into the Quantum-Touch magical world.

Melody invited Quantum-Touch Mentors, Elizabeth and Raymond to visit Taiwan and give Quantum-Touch level 1 and level 2 courses in March of this year. 

I found that the courses not only taught me Quantum-Touch skills but it also helped me convince my husband. It’s hard to persuade an engineer without experiments. My husband works as an RD supervisor. He was skeptical about Quantum-Touch in the beginning, but he immediately changed his mind after the coke experiment and Quantum-Touch pain healing exercise in Level 1. Now, he firmly believes the power of Quantum-Touch. 

From Quantum-Touch courses, we have great confidence in adopting Quantum-Touch skills to help our twin boys (oldest with autism and hyperactivity, and youngest with autism, less oral ability and cerebral palsy) to recover their health and make their life the same as normal individuals.

Quantum-Touch is really simple and powerful as Richard Gordon said. It was confirmed when Elizabeth and Raymond performed Quantum-Touch on my younger twin one evening after our course. I had a wish that my boys would adapt to the energy, so I sent heart energy to my boy’s pineal gland. To my surprise, my son went to sleep within 10 minutes. There is no way that he would have fallen asleep before dinner time, not to mention within 10 minutes.


It’s been 10 days after the Level 2 class. I continue to practice different Quantum-Touch techniques, including the “33 second meditation,” sending heart energy to both twin’s brains at the same time, and sending heart energy to stop their runny noses. All with remarkable results!

Furthermore, I also apply the “33 seconds meditation” before verbal communication with my twins about the benefits of Quantum-Touch. I visualize that they can understand what Quantum-Touch can do for them and that they respond well to the session. 

I have explained to them how Quantum-Touch improves their health situation, and found that their self-confidence has gained a lot after our conversation.

Every morning, when I send my boys to school, even if I don’t have much time to perform Quantum-Touch on them, I will tell them not to be afraid, I will perform Quantum-Touch at home while they are at school, so that they are able to control their emotions and improve their concentration at school. 

These words have helped my self-abased boys perform better at school; they have gradually shown improvement in areas like oral ability, social communication, and self- confidence. They really believe that mother’s Quantum-Touch sessions are working and feel better by the praise from peers and teachers. My dream of the twins adapting to Quantum-Touch has come true.

Quantum-Touch is really able to help families with special needs children; it gives hopes to our life, turning our black and white life into a colorful one. Because of my experience, I have decided to become a Quantum-Touch practitioner and contribute in Taiwan.

Iris Chang
Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, Republic of China
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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