Against All Odds

I came off the pill to start trying to get pregnant, but then never ovulated or had periods. After a lot of different drug treatments over nearly 2 years, we ended up on IVF. I fortunately got pregnant quickly and now have a wonderful 18-month-old daughter.

After finishing breastfeeding Alannah, I hated the abnormality of never ovulating, so I went to Louise to see if she could fix that, with getting pregnant as a secondary issue.

I went to see her for the first time on a Saturday and got my period on the following Tuesday.

Quick results! Of course it might have been a coincidence, but to me it was a wonderful miracle. I saw her again and got a second period 6 weeks after the first. By then, I was starting to think maybe we could get pregnant naturally, so I managed to convince my very skeptical husband to go along too, because he also had a fertility issue.

Anyway, I went a third time and David went only once and we conceived about a week after those appointments. Now 3 months pregnant and all is going well. I find it impossible not to give Louise a lot of the credit for this little bubba. We are so thrilled with our little miracle.

Kirralee & David

Louise Murray
Putney, NSW, Australia
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner


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