The Most Peaceful Passing...

In September 2008, my dad, who was getting quite frail at the age of 85, although still mentally sharp, had an abdominal aneurysm. The hospital consultant said, he could either be treated by invasive surgery with minimal likelihood of success and it might leave him in a vegetative state or to let him slip away peacefully.

My dad chose the latter option and soon slipped into a comatose state. I applied Quantum-Touch at regular intervals over the next three days until he passed away peacefully at 5pm on Friday, 19 September.

The hospital nurses remarked that it was the most peaceful passing, they had ever seen, with anyone having that kind of condition. Although, I did not have an easy relationship with my dad growing-up, I felt very blessed that I was able to be there with him at the end and ease his passing.

Dave Patrick
Nairn, Scotland, United Kingdom
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner


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