Amazing Healing from Facial Paralysis

I am so glad for the opportunity to learn Quantum-Touch, as Mr. Richard Gordon said in his book - The New Human, “We are not really working miracles, we are simply redefining what’s possible.”

My name is Dennis, I live in Zigong, countryside in Sichuan, China. The lady in the picture sells vegetables in front of our family owned clinic. She had facial paralysis for 37 years and had tried everything including acupuncture, massage, electrotherapy, medication; all in vain. Finally, she completely gave up hope of recovery.

After seven Quantum-Touch sessions, with hope in her eyes, she told me happily that the feeling is returning to the right side of her face. She had had feelings of pain and touch again after being numb for 37 years. She can even chew food with her teeth.

I was moved by the amazing result! Quantum-Touch has no religion, no race, and disregards economic or social status. As long as there is someone suffering, we are going to show our love via Quantum-Touch.

Denis Zhang-Sichuan


Elizabeth Kwok and Raymond Chan
Hong Kong
Level 1, Level 2, Self Created Health, Supercharging Instructors
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