Dissolving a Tumor

Therapeutic Energy Healing for Tumor

I have been doing Quantum-Touch for about a year now and have seen many amazing things, but the most amazing is the story of an 11-year old girl.

Her mother called me after they had just found out that her daughter had a tumor in her spine, in the neck area. She was told that her daughter would need surgery to have the tumor removed. The mother wanted me to see if I could do anything before the surgery.

I always trust God's will in these situations and I knew without a doubt, the tumor could be dissolved. That is exactly what I imagined as I worked distantly on the little girl's spine. I ran heart energy with the intention of cleansing her body of any low vibration energy that was holding the tumor in place.

Once I felt the negative energy was gone, I knew there was no reason for the tumor to stay. I imagined it dissolving and its energy floating up to the sun and being cleansed and sprinkled back onto the little girl giving her power. I go a little crazy with my imagination when I do Quantum-Touch, but it makes it more real and fun.

A few days later, the mother came over to tell me that the doctor took another MRI before the surgery (thank goodness) and there was nothing but an empty space. It was a "normical," but to me it was a bit of a miracle. I am filled with gratitude that I was allowed to be a part of something so wonderful.

I have loved Quantum-Touch from the moment I heard of it and have never doubted its power: the power of love, intention and a little bit of imagination.

Natalie Summerhays
Sandy, UT, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner


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