The Added Value of Long-Distance Healing

For many years, I maintained that long-distance healing is just as effective as hands-on healing. These days, I go a step further, saying: it has the potential to be even more effective and powerful.

Long-distance healing, without any form of direct communication, has added value over all other types of healing. Why so? Because you will connect at a deep level and there is nothing to cling to. You have no other choice but to be totally open and allowing. No inhibitions, no limits, pure potential. The notion ‘the healing goes wherever it needs to go’ is never more obvious than in such long-distance sessions.

As will become clear from the following examples, other people who are related to the client may even pop into your awareness. If so, don’t ignore or dismiss them. On the contrary: Go with it!!! They are part of the healing. Whatever happens is meant to happen and can have an amazing impact on the quality of the healing session. Note, that in none of these sessions did I steer the outcome. It all just happened.

Three Examples:

(1)  A lady asked me to do a series of healing sessions for her husband who had suffered a severe stroke. Most of the time, the husband would appear in my mind’s eye on his own and the session would be all about him. But sometimes, the wife would also enter the picture and the session would then include her quiet healing abilities. While I would offer Quantum-Touch heart energy to the couple, in my mind’s eye the woman was holding her husband’s hand or gently massaging him. The woman always gave a particularly positive feedback on her husband’s wellbeing after such sessions, even if I hadn’t told her, she had chimed in herself.

(2)  A grandmother, Carol (not her real name), asked me to do healing for her four-year old granddaughter.  According to Carol, the granddaughter suffered from nightmares, was stressed and short-tempered. This in turn left the child’s mother, that is Carol’s daughter, exhausted. As soon as I started the healing session, in my mind’s eye, the little girl was joined by both her mother and grandmother. I offered Quantum-Touch heart energy to the three of them, first one by one, thereafter as a group. I allowed the energy to go wherever it needed to go. What happened was amazing. An awesome movie unfolded in my mind’s eye.  It was all about the interaction and relationship between these three persons.  I saw them looking away from one another, crying, screaming and then hugging. All the time, I continued offering heart energy. The session ended with seeing the three of them relaxed and enveloped in golden light. A few messages came to my mind about what the grandmother and her daughter could do to help the child and themselves. After the session, Carol and I had a chat over the phone for feedback. She was delighted and thought everything was accurate and she took up my advice, which proved very helpful.

(3)  A lady asked me to do a series of healing sessions for her teenage daughter. As it happened, several times, including the first time, both mother and daughter appeared "on the scene" (that is: my mind’s eye). Sometimes healing was directed to each of them separately, sometimes to the two of them together. The mother claimed that the pictures and messages had been totally accurate, and she also felt unusually relaxed.

Johanna van Reenen
Andijk, The Netherlands


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