Quantum-Touch and Pain Relief

I am a registered nurse whose entire life, (working and otherwise) has completely transformed since learning this tool!!

I began by reading the first three chapters of Quantum Touch 2.0, the New Human and then went into work. I work at a local jail and, as the nurse, staff come into my office frequently to get Motrin for pains they may have: headaches, foot pain, back pain, etc.

I made a decision, after reading the first three chapters, to try it on the first person who showed up for a pain pill. Well, the first person was a co-worker who had been suffering with a migraine for three days.  I began doing the breathing and literally within three minutes, her headache and nausea had completely disappeared! Word spread quickly and soon I was giving Quantum-Touch  “sessions” to staff all day long.

Soon, I realized the inmates could really benefit from this tool as well, and I began doing “sessions” on them as well.

It has been a profound experience for me and them. Not only is their pain diminishing , they are learning that they are powerful healers as well. I LOVE explaining to them that it’s their body that healed them, that I couldn’t do that anymore then I could "digest the lunch they just ate" (Richards words).

It is soooo fun to watch their faces as their pain disappears and they have an experience outside of their “normal” view of reality.

Although the words they use probably aren’t appropriate to use here, suffice it to say, they are delighted and shocked!

It has now been two years and I use it every day in my job and out in the world. Anywhere I go and someone is in pain, I go into breathing and loving thoughts, and Voila! Pain gone.

I cannot express enough gratitude for showing us all how powerful and loving we truly are!!

Beryl Ryan, RN
Santa Rosa, CA, USA


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