Quantum-Touch Level 2 for Depression and Pain Relief

I hope I don't bore you with the following example of what's possible with Quantum-Touch Level 2 (as if you don't already know). I was so inspired by the results that I had to share this story on my Facebook page last week.

While I was in the hospital last week (abdominal issues easily resolved with IV fluids and IV antibiotics), an RN friend stopped in for a visit. She was with another RN who worked on the pediatric floor. I knew my friend had been in an auto accident and ended up having two or more of her cervical vertebrae surgically fused in June. When I mentioned that I noticed her head was tilted a bit to the right, she reminded me of her surgery. She added that she was also feeling depressed from the pain.

I had just finished reading Quantum-Touch 2.0: The New Human and asked if I could practice a couple of the techniques with her. She agreed.

I had her stand with her back towards her friend so her friend could watch. I stood behind my friend and placed my hands on the highest part of each of her hips (iliac crest). I squatted down to see if my hands were level. I looked back at her friend, sitting behind both of us, and asked what she saw. "Your right hand is higher than the left," she said.

I agreed.

I stood up and measured the base of my friend's skull (occipital bone), one thumb on each side of her spine. Again, I asked her friend what she saw. "Your right thumb is higher on the right." That's what I saw, too.

I walked around and stood about 4 feet in front of my friend. I did the Quantum-Touch 2 technique for 2 minutes, then re-examined her hips as before. I asked her friend what she saw. "Your hands are almost level - closer than before, but still slightly higher on the right." They were. I measured the base of the skull and asked her friend what she saw. "Your thumbs are level." She was right.

I told my friend that, since her hips were nearly level after only two minutes of Quantum-Touch 2, perhaps she'd be totally aligned after a couple more minutes. She was okay with that, so I did another round, checked her hips and asked her friend what she saw. "Your hands are level now." They were!

I asked my friend to walk over to the door and back to see if she felt any different. On her way back she said she felt like she wasn't being pulled to the right anymore, and that her weight was now evenly distributed over both legs. Her head was also straighter! She was happy with those results.

She mentioned that she still had some low back pain. She reached around and touched that area. After a couple minutes of focusing on her low back with Quantum-Touch 2, her back pain was gone!

That's when her friend said, "I've just seen something I've never seen before in my entire life!" 

Watching as I aligned my friend's pelvis and occipital bone, and relieving her back pain, I thought she was talking about the results of my practice session. I asked, "What did you see?" 

She said, "I could see the energy going from you into her shirt! It was like gentle waves in the ocean flowing from you into her shirt." Awesome! I've never seen anything like that, but she confirmed that the energy was flowing. Of course, the energy didn't stop at the shirt, but I was looking in that direction.

My friend sat down again and I mentioned that the book gives directions on how to work on brain related issues, including depression. "Can I work on your brain for a couple minutes?" Yes, I could.

Looking down at the top of her head, I focused on the front of her head (frontal bone) and both sides of her head (temporal bones), did the Quantum-Touch 2 technique for two minutes, then had her walk to the door and back to see how she felt. On her way back, she said that while I was working on her head, she sensed sparkles of light floating up and out from her head. She added, "My head feels so much lighter!" She actually said that a couple times!

The other nurse said, "I could see the energy again going from you into her head."

I told my friend, "And you thought you were coming to visit me to help me feel better!"

Rick Garzaniti
Tallahassee, FL, USA
Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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