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In April of 2019, Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch, led his annual online workshop, Self Created Health. It is a workshop dedicated to processing difficult emotions to help alleviate physical symptoms, through a series of seven steps.

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, attended this workshop with hopes of alleviating symptoms of Scoliosis and Atrial Fibrillation. After completing the seven steps, her expectations were exceeded and she not only felt less physical pain but she felt more at peace, emotionally.

Below is her account of events:

My Experience: April 6,7,14, 2019

"An opportunity to become empowered and it only works when you do it!" Richards's words! Truly! Truly!

Step 1- Discovery

(Discover emotional causes by answering a series of questions.) Completed with two partners. (Not shared in this report)

Step 2 - Release

(There are one of two techniques in this step. This is a brief summary of the second one: Go back in time, in a quiet meditation. Imagine you are going back in time to when the problem happened. Play the event through step by step. You can watch the "you" going through it all and feel the intensity. Feel it fully.)

I placed a chair in front of me and then proceeded to deep breathe, did body sweeps front and back. I then worked with my chakras 1-12 and followed with the 12 colors meditation. My spirit guides were invited. I felt 'led' to follow this process.

I “returned” to when I was 8 and 9-years -old and gradually moved forward in time, and felt the hurt, anger, fear, and responsibility. The latter, I was too young to shoulder.

(A vision of) my mother came and sat on the chair. I told her in no uncertain terms what I was feeling. Her head was down. I felt she was listening and carried a caring attitude.

I felt intensely many of the emotions that fostered my shaping through the years, and carried on my shoulders and back.
She began to smile. I knew then, she understood why I was spilling all this anger, hurt, etc. I could not be a child of my age, I could not socialize with my friends, except for school, and I was always home in a helping role; always trying to please.

Her smile did something to initiate cracking the shell, which penetrated and encircled me all these years. I moved to a new awareness that mom who was untiring in her efforts to raise our large family, was kind, caring and a very giving person.

Soon after she started to smile, she disappeared. I began to have a different and more positive sense of myself. A new ME was emerging and I could and would own ME.

Something to note:

When I was vortexing my chakras, I felt waves of energy and this continued throughout my releasing period. It was like a fire. It felt like fire and I could see the yellow and reds intertwined. It worked its way from inside to outside my shoulders. Once outside, it immediately dissolved.

This experience felt like a burning sensation, not annoying nor painful. The fire gradually moved into my heart chakra and then moved down my whole back. From the top to bottom of my spine, the fire was most intense. A few times, I sensed it diminish and flare up again. It finally concentrated itself in particular areas of my back. My hurt, my anger and more were moving outside and dissolving. A newness was taking shape. From time to time. and momentary, there was a beautiful emerald green followed by indigo coming in. This all occurred over a good half hour.

I followed this (per instructions of the exercise) with an hour of self-nurturing. It was enjoyable and fulfilling. This is so necessary during the process!

Step 3: Insight

(I’m doing this to me – Taking responsibility. If you do this step without completing Steps 1 and 2, it's being very cruel to yourself. If the first 2 steps are done first, this step feels good.)

I, being the eldest in my family, felt responsibility too soon, felt stuck and was experiencing a whole host of negative emotions, which I buried and did not express. I literally allowed this to happen to myself. And so, I moved into step 4.

Step 4: Remorse

I felt remorse for allowing myself to carry all this emotional heaviness and baggage which became physically reflected in Scoliosis and Atrial Fibrillation. The latter in more recent years.

Steps 5 and 6: Forgiveness and Self Love

I used my chair again and “saw” my hurt self sit there. I certainly did not expect to have another powerful experience similar to that in Step 2.
I deep breathed, brought in energy from the earth and universe, refreshed my chakras and simply “gave myself over” and soon was immersed/merged with something greater than me. It was a surprise!
The fire returned and I felt it deeply and meaningfully. I knew what was happening but not in an intellectual way. With great intention, I said the words, “I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you,” and they came out with meaning. I realized I was at a high level of vibration and I was maintaining it. I lost sense of time and place, yet repeated the words. The chair seemed to have disappeared. It was no longer needed.

During the experience, I came to an awareness that this fire was a gradual build-up of Love. I sensed a fire of Love penetrating my shoulders, move down my whole back to my coccyx bone. Then, I could feel my head on fire. I saw white, yellow, indigo, and transparent light. Circles of light burned into my pineal and pituitary glands; sphenoid and occipital bones.

How did I know this phenomena?

I just knew via my third eye. A strong sense of the fire of Love had been kindled, activated and was staying with me. I felt impelled to move through the process with as much feeling and meaning that was mine for now.

During this process, I saw, my mother move-by as an angel. After that, this Love moved through my legs and down to my toes, followed by circles and balls of light from my head to my toes - out my arms/hands.

When this intense period was over, the waves of energy continued to work through my back. A sense of gratitude pervaded me as the experience wound down. Later in the evening, after I had eaten, I could still feel energy working through my back.

Step 7: Greater Self-Love

A week later, I anticipate with great eagerness and joy our final session on Sunday. I haven't had any pain as a consequence of Scoliosis since this experience. My neck which had already been served well via energy is now fully functioning. I literally heard the crunch, crunch of energy moving through. All week I have felt lighter (more feather like), more focused and more whole.

I had and have the strongest sense that this is the power of Love. This is a soul retrieval experience and I have taken myself back. My heart chakra indeed is bursting with love. My muscle memory holds more love than I ever thought possible. It was as if my body intelligence told me that my molecules, cells, tissue, etc. are in a love state. These were moments of bliss.

I continue to feel integrated in my body: mind and spirit. I can only be eternally grateful.

Ten Days Later, April 24, 2019:

Since this process served me soooo well, I know I will engage in further healing experiences via this elegant and powerful emotional causation model. My husband has also followed the steps in sequence and is reaping healing benefits that no other model provided.

Thank you to Richard for taking this process to the world and thank you to all who supported you in making this event available!

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