A Smoking Cessation Story


My European friend, Claude, was visiting for a few days when he told of his attempts to quit smoking – an addiction for most of his adult life. We chatted about the Quantum-Touch modality and that there were recorded stories of people terminating this habit having had the experience of this energy work.

Claude was back at home a few months when he sent an email requesting a session. The next day arrangements were made in terms of coordinating time zones and the first session happened. For some unknown reason I perceived that a second session was necessary.

A few weeks prior, I had spent time familiarizing myself with different parts of the brain. In this second session I was more comfortable with focusing the energy. After sensing that his energy was flowing, I (with the help of my husband) ran hands and heart energy and focused on his whole brain.

The colours he needed were present and became a strong focus. My heart energy grew in intensity and I moved to his pleasure and reward centres.

Later, the U-NAN pattern was incorporated. My husband does well with toning and I am always grateful for this raises our vibrations phenomenally. After about an hour, we felt it was time to end the session and share our personal experience with it.

Within a few days, we were informed that Claude was no longer smoking. It is nearly a year later and he has had no desire to smoke!
Sheila Sullivan
Grenville sur la Rouge, Quebec, Canada
Certified Qantum-Touch Practitioner



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