From Flu Symptoms to Drinking Coffee in the Sun

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I woke up one morning in 1980 with intense flu symptoms: deep chest cough, aching bones, fever, sore throat, congested, headache. In other words, I felt quite sick and it appeared that I would remain ill for a week or more. My first impulse was to nurse myself with lemon juice in warm water and crawl back into bed.

Since I had recently accepted the premise that most physical conditions were expressions of repressed emotion, I was determined to try to get to the bottom of my illness. This did not prove to be easy. The first thing I noticed was that I was emotionally numb. When looking for my feelings, flu symptoms where all I could find.

I started thinking about many events in my life, hoping to find out what might possibly be going on. Nothing seemed to resonate with me. After eight or ten minutes of searching, I suddenly remembered that two days before, a friend had said something hurtful and humiliating in front of a group of people. At the time of her remark, I remained silent not wanting to show vulnerability. I had gone numb.

I then chose to let myself feel the pain, and for the next 15 minutes to encounter the intensity of my emotions. After a few tears and a bit of rage, I was feeling somewhat better. After a shower, I drove to a lovely cafe and sat in the sun drinking a cup of coffee. Then suddenly staring into my half empty cup, it dawned on me that all my flu symptoms were completely gone!

This led me to see that the emotional numbness, sore throat, cough and fever were metaphoric reflections. Reflections of the pain, hurt, and anger I did not want to feel at the time. I was beginning to learn how to read emotional causation in regard to symptoms.

These ideas, combined with many similar experiences, form the basis of a system I call Self Created Health.

Much Love,

Richard Gordon
Quantum-Touch Author/Founder

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