The Future of Energy Medicine

by Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

Discover the Extraordinary Healing Power of Your Love

The Quantum-Touch Mission...

  • Quantum-Touch is a demonstration of how love can directly facilitate positive change for your friends, family and the planet

  • Quantum-Touch helps improve the health and quality of life for many people using simple, easy to learn energy healing techniques.

  • Quantum-Touch helps people connect more deeply to their love, providing a happier more fulfilling life experience.

"To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body - cells, tissues, organs and systems -- and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect." - Deepak Chopra

I believe that life-force energy is about as well understood today as gross electricity was 200 years ago. Based on the research of Quantum Biologist, Glen Rein, Ph.D., practitioners of energy healing are working on a subatomic level.

In physics we know the observer affects the observed, and in its essence, Quantum-Touch is a form of extremely highly concentrated non-intellectualized observation.

Everything within its field, be it organic or non-organic, local or at a distance, will be profoundly affected.  The field itself has intelligence as does the system being treated, which directs how the healing will take place. I believe that this interaction of consciousness goes far beyond the realms of human intelligence into an area I like to think of as "spiritual intelligence."

We have observed many extraordinary and clearly definable physical effects of the application of Life Force energy...

  • Life-Force energy from the hands of lay practitioners regularly becomes so intense that peoples skeletal structure will spontaneously shift back into alignment with only a light touch.
  • Patients whose blood oxygen levels dropped below 92% during surgery universally respond to the life-force; their blood gas levels increased about 5% on average and stayed there.
  • People with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome almost universally experience a dramatic rising of skin temperature in their icy cold limbs when intense life-force energy is applied to the spinal plexus affecting the limb.
  • In a study Richard Gordon conducted at the University of California in Santa Cruz, basketball players experienced an average 50% reduction of their pain from the application of life-force energy. All 13 cases of inflammation had been significantly and immediately reduced.
  • When water is charged with a strong field of life-force energy, people consistently use the same adjectives to describe the change - they will most often call the charged water silkier, smoother, softer, thicker or syrupy.
  • When wine is charged, it tastes smoother and with far less aftertaste.
  • When a strong field of life-force energy is applied to the head of a person lying down, the vast majority will fall asleep in five to ten minutes. This is totally outside the literature in physiological psychology. The only people who are known to fall asleep that quickly are those suffering from narcolepsy or severe depression. Experienced meditaters have often said that they had never gone into such a deep mediation, or so quickly.
  • Some Quantum-Touch practitioners, including myself, have seen that running energy into some damaged black tourmalines have caused "healing" to occur. This healing is seen most dramatically in areas where damage had occurred to the crystal. Ive even observed seven distinct stages of transformation: from opaque, black and dull, all the way to glassy, translucent, transparent and brilliantly colored.

Clearly, life-force energy directly impacts the very physics and chemistry of matter.

If energy is defined as doing work on the physical plane, clearly from the above examples, work is being done. The ability to change the taste of wine, to cause skeletal structures to shift, or affecting peoples EEG readings are all examples of the impact of a strong field of life-force energy.

I have no doubt that serious research into life-force energy will inevitably transform our conception of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology and botany leading to an entire new branch of science I like to call Life-Force Science. Including consciousness in science will not only change the sciences forever, but even more importantly, it will transform how we perceive our world and ourselves.

The Extraordinary Healing Power of Love

The impact of the awareness of the life-force energy will also occur on a very personal level.   

What if...

  • Healers would work in every hospital, emergency room, ambulance. By todays standards of patient recovery, the healing would look like something out of science fiction. 
  • Hands-on healing would become a part of the education of every child from preschool on up. When a child falls, the other children would gather around to help. When a child is suffering from ADHD, he or she could quickly be brought into balance with energy work. By the time children finish their education, they would all be exceptionally powerful and wonderful practitioners.
  • Professional sports teams would all embrace it.
  • People would naturally and casually be doing healing work on each other in public. We will see them helping to remove headaches, relieving back pain, etc., in line at movie theatres, cafes, bookstores, etc.
  • Health care in third world countries would transform. A report from the World Health Organization stated that Western Medicine could never be the solution for world health because it is too expensive.
  • Direct spiritual experiences and the power of our own presence can transcend religious dogma.
  • Humans will appreciate that their love is immeasurably valuable and has profound impact.
  • Breakthroughs will be made that I cant even imagine.

When life-force is considered real, we will have a new lens through which to view the world.  The way we grow food and what we eat will be evaluated in terms of how it affects our life-force.  Education will be evaluated by how creative and loving processes enhance the childs life-force.  Medical practices can be evaluated by how well the treatments enhance the patients life-force. The value of exercise, yoga, pranayama, tai chi, and other various kinds of bodywork can take on a new importance. We can see how laughter, the honest expression of emotions, and the impact of love, care, tenderness, and touch enhance the life-force. When we consider the life-force real, we will live in a world that can transform its priorities and be a healthier and more fulfilling place for us all.

When life-force is considered real, people will know that healing is real.  It is something everyone is capable of doing.  Healing is the easiest of skills to learn.  And perhaps most important, our love has more impact than anyone ever imagined.

I see a day when healing becomes a universal skill, and the level of pain and suffering on the planet is reduced to a small fraction of what we see today. I have seen families drawn close through the practice of healing each other. I foresee a day when the family of humankind can draw closer through the innate and universal power of loving each other with the use of healing energy.

Love and Light,
Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

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