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Carol Lee

Spiritual Consultant, Instructor 1, 2, Self Created Health, Supercharging & Instructor Triner


Texas, 34292
United States

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[email protected]



Welcome to my Magical JOURNEY to


I teach all of the Quantum-Touch Curriculum including Instructor Trainer for Level 1 & 2.  I live in Florida where I maintain a successful private practice offering workshops locally and in Texas and recently began teaching Virtual classes via Zoom.   


I have been teaching Quantum-Touch for over ten years. I am best known for my ability to see and perceive energy in many ways. As a Spiritual Medium, I work with unseen energies, Your Inner Healer, and God Team of Angels assigned in this migration and can see and hear Spiritual Loved Ones, Angels and Ascended Masters.

I have studied, certified, and offer classes in “The Energetic Approach to Health and Wellness.” Specializing in Energy Medicine, Core Transformation, and Soul Integration.

I share a unique blend of knowledge and teaching styles in my experiential workshops utilizing ways to open students to their vast potential to bring a perfect Balance to Life.

I invite you to inquire about my workshops, events & private sessions: 

To schedule an Empowering Spiritually Enhanced Healing sessions by Phone, FaceTime or Zoom, or to find out more about Quantum-Touch and my other workshop contact me at [email protected] or text 817- 879 -7320

·      Quantum-Touch Level 1(Live or Virtual)

·      Quantum-Touch Level 2 (Live or Virtual)

·      Quantum-Touch Supercharging (Live or Virtual) 

·      Self Created Health workshop

·      Quantum-Touch Instructor Trainer Workshop Level 1 & 2

·       Gathering of Angels2-day workshop

·      Healing with Angels3-day workshop

·      Audience Angel Readings

·      Holistic Health Fair of Fort Worth with over60+ vendors the 2nd Sunday every other month

·      Healing Quantum-Lee (HQL) Newsletter of event and monthly updates


have used western medicine along with complementary modalities for my health and well-being for most of my life. I have experienced the many challenges life offered when physically compromised by the “Pain” associated with the medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia. This entity called “Pain” caused structural misalignment and postural problems as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual disharmony.

Exhausting all avenues, I knew, at that time, I chose to follow the path of western medicine, which led me to multiple back surgeries. During the last operation in 1987, I had my thirdNear Death Experience (NDE), which awakening Spiritual gifts and remembrance of something more than the life I knew to be me-awakened to a high level of Consciousness and a New Divine Life Path.

I made a personal commitment and have dedicated my life to God and the study of energy-based modalities. With instructions by God and the Angels, we created a 2-day workshop, “GATHERING OF ANGELS.”  

This work consists of Connecting and communicating with your Guardian Angel and God Team,the Energy Essence, and Vibrational frequencies 

assignedin this migration, which is a profound experience for all who attend.

Continuously being prompted to expands my knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the spirit world to enhance the ability of the human body to heal. In my search for the most effective techniques,Quantum-Touch®became the modality of choice.  I was impressed with the program; within a short time, I became Certified as a Practitioner, and shortly after, a Certified Instructor. 


·      Quantum-Touch Instructor Level 1 (Offers Continuing Education)

·      Quantum-Touch Level Instructor 2

·      Self Created Health Instructor 

·      Quantum-Touch Supercharging Instructor

·      Instructor Trainer for QT Level 1 & 2.

·      Quantum-Touch Core Transformation

·      Seeing and Perceiving Energy

·      Reiki Master

·      Certified Angel Therapist®

·      Certified Healing Touch Practitioner 2002-2014

·      Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques 

·      Energy Medicine Practitioner, Partnership of Healing Touch, (specializing in Bio-field assessment and treatment)

·      Medical Intuitive Training -Level 1-5

·      Healing in the 4th Dimension with Sacred Geometry 

·      Anatomy Physiology for Healers (Energetic Approach to healing)

·      Access Consciousness - Bars Facilitator 

I have studied and aligned part of my practice with the principles taught at the College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, Florida. Ordained Licentiate Minister since 2003 and received an Associate Degree in the Healing Arts 2010.  

I have an innate ability to communicate with Divine Beings of Light and Spiritual Loved Ones, and it has been a pleasure to be an intermediary for loving messages of comfort and healing to those open to receive.

Mediumship accomplishments:Carolwas an invited Medium participating in Spiritual Communication and Clearing during a filming and documentary at the Ca d' Zan, John & Mable Ringling estate in Sarasota, Florida.

In Light,
Carol Lee

[email protected]


Divine Love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive and I am grateful

Carol Lee's Upcoming Workshops

October 07, 2023
10:00 am - 5:00 pm (EST)
October 08, 2023
10:00 am - 5:30 pm (EST)
VirtualFlorida, United States

Language: English

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November 04, 2023
10:00 am - 5:30 pm (EST)
November 05, 2023
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (EST)
VirtualFlorida, United States

Language: English

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