Quantum-Touch Intuitive Development

Level 1 Workshop

Join us for Quantum Adventures in Seeing & Perceiving Wonderland

6 Week Webinar, No prerequisites Required

Do you wonder whether there's a whole lot more to who and what you are than you currently take yourself to be..?

Are you at all interested in consciously awakening the life force energy within and living from a deep recognition and realization of all that you truly are?

Immersions In Infinity


Does your entire being excite at the very prospect on offer here..? Do you resound with the knowing of a yes upon receiving this invitation to igniting and enhancing your capacities with the energy of life itself..?

What if you had the possibility to explore BEYOND what you presently 'think' all of that is, for you...? And in your so choosing, you could open up, unfold, activate... you... in such a way as to reveal realms of energies, energies of sheer aliveness, energies of infinite awe, energies of delight, energies of utter wonderment beyond description?

Are you ready for something incredible? Something remarkable? Are you ready to meet you? To meet all of who and what you are and capable of? Or at least to see and perceive some more of you, for now? Are you willing to have an adventure, with me, Deborah Gair, Quantum-Touch Director of Awakening? To embark on a journey together exploring energies and subtleties as never before from the benefit of a lifelong mastery?

A trip whereupon you are invited to come bathe, blend and immerse in blissful infinities, broadcast live, on a weekly basis, from the comfort of your own home, and then during daily assignments 'in the field' for a 6 week encounter with your true self nature?

There are no prerequisites for this course where we will be revealing - and reveling in - the secret nature of this vital energy within you. Where bending, shaping and healing your present realities with your life force capacities is entirely, wholeheartedly, infinitely possible.

We will sit as the substratum, the formless. We will play, inviting curiosity, while we ponder and conjure marvels beyond miraculous, as we commune and correspond with the intelligent light particles of the realm... in and as the space, where pure, inexplicable beauty dances... and more!

What You Will Discover

As well as including an energetic accordance with all that has gone before, this new series, Intuitive Development: Immersions In Infinity, incorporates the availability of something far greater, something far more.

And not to worry if you can't attend the live broadcasts, everything is recorded and available for you to enjoy for as long as you like and entirely at your own convenience.

Some of what you will discover :

  • More about the vital life force energy and how you currently perceive it

  • Meditative methods to quiet the mind and bring you into a state of allowing as your gifts and capacities come forward and unfold

  • The role of specific glands and channels in perception and how to bring focus and enhancement to these areas

  • A wealth of individual exercises designed to hone your abilities and awareness

  • How to assess the energetic field and communicate with it for the highest possibilities in healing and in every area of your life

  • With the aid of an enjoyable homework lesson to focus on during the week, and the benefit from Deborah's ongoing support and guidance in what you notice is occurring for you, you will begin to recognize and entice that which has been slumbering within you to come to the forefront!

Some snippets from prior play and adventure...

“My original intention (with this course) was (just) to develop my perceptive abilities and use them in a healing context but I’m finding that the important thing is in discovering more about ME and my true nature. By doing these exercises, I’m finding that I can bring more quietude and spaciousness into my life and learn or unlearn in a higher order.”

- Lydia

“During the meditation, you asked us to close our eyes and listen to your voice. I was ready to follow your guidance, but something strange happened. Your words became a blur and I knew somehow I was no longer really listening… I felt and saw my body “crumble” as if it was becoming ashes, bit by bit from the tips of my fingers further up my arms and so on. I continued to “turn into dust” this way until my body was completely gone. Then I felt a sudden “swoosh” pulling me very quickly from this world, up, up into another plane… It all happened within seconds and I saw our planet disappearing beneath me, tiny as a tennis ball. I was floating somehow in a warm, soothing, safe space. Surrounded by darkness. No feelings, no emotions, no thoughts. I was merely just a presence! An awareness in itself. It felt as though I was back at the beginning. I was the essence… I have never experienced anything like this before and just wanted to thank you, for helping me on my journey towards self discovery. Thank you Deborah!”

- Katrine

“WOW!!! What incredible meditations. I finally had the chance to listen to the “I Am That” meditation again. This will now be one of my favorite meditations. To be in the space of knowing that we are all connected to EVERYTHING and to EVERYONE. So… how can we ever be in conflict with someone or something else again without knowing now that we are in conflict with ourselves as well. This takes LOVING ourselves and others to a whole new desire, a whole new dimension. I love the feeling of being without physical boundaries, flowing and moving and BEING with all there IS. Thank you for this gift Deborah. In Light, Love, and Boundless appreciation.”

- Ann Taylor

"I wish to thank you for playing a HUGE part in my spiritual development. For years, I have been self-guided (intuitively) through channeled teachings, mantras, mudras & sacred sounds. When I joined you, I did not know what to expect which is a great thing. From you, I learned what was required to move me forward into the next stage of my journey. Just being on this (class), I can feel powerful energy, which fills my heart & connects me to Oneness. You teach the power of love through the I AM & true healing takes place."

- Wan Lai

Refund Policy for Quantum-Touch Intuitive Development

  • For a workshop registration cancelled 24 hours before the first the Webinar begins, students will receive a full refund of fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.

  • For a registration cancelled within 24 hours the beginning of the Webinar or during the Webinar, or if a student does not attend, no refund will be given.