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Here’s a wonderful selection of Quantum-Touch related videos, hand-picked by the Quantum-Touch Community.

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Quantum-Touch Highlight Reel: Exploring What's Possible
13:05 min
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Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis
2:34 min
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Interview with Richard Gordon & Beth Hilton Part 1
9:16 min
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Interview with Richard Gordon & Beth Hilton Part 2
8:19 min
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Quantum-Touch Level II Reviews... "Blown Away!"
2:51 min
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Healing A Birth Deformity
1:54 min
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Energy Medicine - Dr. Oz - Quantum-Touch and My World
7:04 min
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Quantum-Touch and Autism Healing
4:54 min
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Will Quantum-Touch Heal My Condition?
10:16 min
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Quantum-Touch - University of Hong Kong
47:24 min
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QT 2 Introduction 2013
3:14 min
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The Quantum-Touch Smile
2:16 min
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Super Recovery For Athletes and Chronic Pain Help with Quantum-Touch
7:22 min
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Healing Horses with Quantum-Touch -- Tips and Suggestions
5:11 min
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"A Session in the Park" with Richard Gordon
8:42 min
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Leer Quantum Touch in 2 dagen! Gesprek met Richard Gordon
2:54 min
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Quantum-Touch: An Easily Learned Skill
1:45 min
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The Possible Human - Deborah Gair - Sept 20, 2013
1:25:40 min
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Saving A Leg Twice With Quantum-Touch
4:26 min
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Healing Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and Bursitis
3:15 min
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