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Ruth Franzen

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner


Ohio, 43613
United States

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[email protected]

Ruth was introduced to the healing world early through being born into a family of natural healers and through a near death experience as a child.

Ruth studied Reiki and Healing Touch, but when she was introduced to Quantum-Touch, Ruth noted an immediate and dramatic increase in the rate and types of improvements made in her clients.  Ruth combines several types of healing techniques in working with clients, following her inner guidance along with her clients' body wisdom.

Ruth is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Licensed Social Worker.  She has found that her training as a counselor is very helpful in working through the emotional releases that frequently happen during an energy treatment. Ruth's goal is to assist every client in preparing emotionally, psychologically and physically in preparing for a healing that is fast and permanent. Ruth is very spiritual, and welcomes the assistance of angels during sessions and classes,  and often is able to photograph ministering angels during or after a treatment.

An animal lover, Ruth does work on animals when asked.  She is also a published author and songwriter, and is an artist. Ruth's books, A Healer's Life,  and her second, The Trusting Heart, are available in electronic form. Ruth also welcomes students for private classes, and can do mini but powerful treatments at parties and gatherings.  Ruth encourages people to contact her for classes tailored to the students' needs.