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Jason K. S. Jones


United Kingdom

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I love working with energy!

In my youth I was very much a left-brained intellectual. I received a 1st class honours degree in Mathematics and started a career in the defence industry. At age 25 my life was turned upside down when I encountered health issues. I then had some bad experiences within the conventional medical system, which showed me that they don’t always have the answers.

I began a journey of self-discovery into consciousness and alternative forms of healing, finding a particular interest in energy medicine which led me to Quantum-Touch back in 2005. I qualified as a practitioner in 2008 and then trained to Level 2 with Richard Gordon in 2010. I also practice Reiki as this combines well with Quantum-Touch. I have studied several other healing modalities and I am always open to new techniques for improving health and wellbeing.

I have attended residential courses with non-dual (“enlightened”) teachers which has helped me to live from a place of heart-based presence. I also have an interest in visiting ancient sacred sites, as an old Tibetan proverb says: - “One day at a sacred site is worth a thousand days of meditation”. This all has a beneficial effect (through resonance and entrainment) on my work.

Having witnessed some amazing synchronicities on my journey, I am finally able to see how life is always nudging us in the right direction. If you feel inspired to experience Quantum-Touch for yourself then please contact me to arrange an appointment. I look forward to connecting with you!

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